Kolkata is the largest city in any Indian state. Kolkata is a very old city and very rich for it’s educational and Literature background. Kolkata city also called by the city of education or educational city.  Cause Kolkata has many institutes that are older like this city and various institute this city has with a different department like fine arts, Literature, Engineering and many more. If you live in Kolkata or switch in Kolkata recently and want to admit your Children any English medium school then you come to the right place cause in our article you can find “BEST ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL IN KOLKATA”.  We here try to give you the right information about the best English medium school in Kolkata. We know that Kolkata is a very big city and also it’s a very old town so it has many school and colleges which are build English period.

So if you won’t admit your children into a  great English medium school then you have to read our article more carefully. In this article we try to provide you top rank English medium in Kolkata with its full details like it’s location,  It’s the area, which extra curriculum activities it offers for it’s a student. How many years these schools are made and how many of student’s are studies in those school. So no more discussion about this article let’s start our article started.


Loreto House School (Build – 1841):

Loreto House School situated in Kolkata. This school location is  #7, Middleton Row Road, City- Kolkata, State-West  Bengal.  It is one of the oldest English medium school in city of Kolkata. It was build in 1841 when  property was provided by Loreto Families . But This school actually start ed it’s educational program on 1942.  This School controlled by Loreto House education society (Now this society is the owner of this school). This School also authorized by West Bengal Directorate. This school is only for girls students and this school is partner with ICSE board (This board is controlled all the English medium school in India) which is very  famous board around the India.  This School offered many Extra curriculum activities that will help your children to grow up by mentally and physically. The Extra-Curricular activities are many kinds of games, Carrom, Indoor game, Cultural society, Drama club, debate club etc.

National Gems Higher Secondary School (Established- 1968):

The school is one of the greatest schools in behalf area and also in we can say in Kolkata. Your Children will be proud of studying this school. This is also an excessive Higher Secondary School in Kolkata.

This well-known school was reputable in 1968 by the great being Late Ganesh Prasad. This School Building located at 629, Road name Diamond Harbour in Kolkata city. Ganesh Prasad wants to extend the education all over the country with his this great dream he starts this famous School. This school is the partner with the board of ICSE. Admission starts with nursery and ends with 12th Grade. This is a famous  English medium school and this school for boys and girls.

The extracurricular activities of this school are learning to sing, indoor-outdoor games, and many sports, a Creative Essay writing competition every week, indoor and outdoor many gaming program etc.

Bidhan Nagar Government College ( Established in 1984)

Peoples called this college as the miracle of educational institute cause this college which name is  Bidhan Nagar Government College starting there college with only 52 students but now this college has thousands of student’s and every year the number of the students get increased. Bidhan Nagar government college location is bidhannagar which in the city of  West Bengal. If you search the location then that address is BD 303 salt lake city, BIdhan Nagar, city-Kolkata. This School is a famous English medium college in that area. Its admit Student in grade 11th to grade 12th cause this is not a school it’s college. This school is also associated with the board of ICSE. This college does not offer many extracurricular activities but it provides some curricular activities like cultural competitions, Debates competitions and quiz tournament.

Kendriya Vidyalaya( Established in 1963)

This school in one of the best English medium school in West Bengal. This school was well-known in 1965 in the dum dum area of Kolkata, Jessore Road, Dum Dum Aren Kolkata 700028. This school also associated with the board of ICSE. This School start admission in grade 1 and finished their admission in grade 12. This school has a large area for their students. Kendriya Vidyalaya offers a lot of extracurricular activities for their students like sports tournament, drama club, Music club Etc. If you choose this school for your children that will be your best decision for your child career choose.

Kingston Educational Institute:

This is one of the best English medium School in Kolkata. This School has everything that a student needs it has a large playground, swimming pool open for all student, Gym open for all students, Luxury Hostel, Yoga Center, Huge Canteen, Huge Collection in Library, Laboratories, Computer clubs, Football academics which plays for the state. The address and phone number of this institute is Address: Duttapukur – Nilganj Road, Barasat – Barrackpore Rd, Kajibari, Kolkata, West Bengal 700126, India. Phone: +91 33 2542 9800.

This school has everything that a student need and every luxurious thing is available for this school students.

This article ends in here. I hope you like our article about “BEST ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL IN KOLKATA”. If you nee tod know anything more about this schools then please give us a comments we will try to give you the information.


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