We are wishing every Indian Brothers and Sisters around every corner of the world an overwhelming “Happy Independence Day!” Today we will discuss some very enjoyable topic for our Independence Day celebration. However, we can only enjoy our independence day once a year. So we should enjoy the day with our all honesty and dignity towards the country. We will have many enormous images in this post which we can use to wish Independence Day to our friends, family as well as with our colleagues.

We have collected some premium quality images for you here. So that you can download them from here and enjoy the day full of happiness. Remember one thing always, do not forget those martyr who has sacrificed their lives for us to have a chance to live in an Independent Country.


On 15th August, which is formally known as the Independence Day of India is a very emotional moment for every Indian around every corner of the world. Independence Day brings us the freedom to talk to live the comfort of living in an Independent Country. Our old generations were so much tortured by the British Empire and after long days in 1947 finally, they fought against them and earned freedom for us.

15 august independence day
15 August independence day

We put our head high and let the world know that we are the best nation in the world. General people of India celebrate this day with their maximum entertainment and remembrance of those Martyr. In this day of 1947 Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, put the tricolour Indian National Flag at the Red Fort in Delhi and sang the National Anthem of India.

india independence day
india independence day

Independence Day means a lot to an Indian. Because on this day they accomplished to make the nation free from the British Empire. This is the reason they hate British People so much. However, as a guest loving nation, we always welcome our guests from abroad as well as from British country. But they should remember that we can welcome them with our greatness as well as we can fight against the torture of anybody anytime.

independence day india 2018
independence day India 2018

On this day, every Prime Minister of India celebrates by spreading the national flag in the capital of India. Everywhere the flag is raised as well as every governmental office they start their day by raising the flag at the top in the sky. Every Institution around the country celebrates this day with their cultural proceedings.

The main event of this day happens in Red Fort in Delhi. Every Indian try to come here and attend the ceremony with the most respected peoples of the country. There are so many people from every corner of the country as well as the world comes there to participate in the great ceremony.

india republic day 2018
Indian republic day 2018

After that year of independence every year every Indian celebrates 15th August as the Independence Day. They celebrate this day with maximum celebration as well as they remember those martyr who was sacrificed their lives to achieve freedom for their Motherland India.


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71th independence day india
71st independence day India


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republic day india
republic day India


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72nd independence day India
72nd independence day India

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independence day india
independence day India


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indian independence history
indian independence history

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Happy Independence Day 2018 To Every Indian around the World

We believe that the significance of this day is very emotional for every one of us. This day is the most important day for everybody who is Indian. We wish you will also celebrate to collect the Independence Day Images, Independence Day Pictures, and Independence Day HD Images from here. Our Promise in this Independence Day 2018 is that Be Patriot, Be Honest and Be Proud always to be an Indian. We hope that you find your Happy Independence Day 2018 Images here.

Happy Independence Day 2018 India
Happy Independence Day 2018 India

We are wishing you Happy Independence Day 2018 be happy and Celebrate Your Independence Day with your friends and family as well as with them who you love. Do comment here to wish us Independence Day. There is a comment box below you can use that to wish us and every Indian who are visiting our website daily.

72st independence day
72nd independence day
72nd independence day
72nd independence day









15 august 2018 day
15 August 2018 day