Mothers Images and Quotes

Mothers Images and Quotes

Mothers Images and Quotes. Mother is the sweetest word in the world and it can’t be described with a single word. Whenever we hear the word we feel love, we feel peace; we feel like the word sounds special feelings for someone. Mother is never be comparable with anybody.

Mothers Images and Quotes

Mothers Images

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Mothers Quotes

A mother is a person who is very close to every child, and every child feel safe whenever he or she has in the shade of his or her mother.

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Mother is the greatest influence in anyone’s life. She acts like a friend who is always ready to help. She never gets tired of hearing anything from her child. She is the person who can even sacrifice her life for her child.

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When a mother experience motherhood, her life changes with her child. She starts forgetting to think about her happiness, her desire. She starts thinking only about her child; she wants to do the best for her child.

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Mother is like an umbrella that can protect her child at the time of rain. A mother supports her child in every bad time of life. There are sometimes when our close people cannot understand our problem or they want to stay beside us. Mother is the person who is always there to help her child.

mother images with childMother plays a significant role in every family. She manages everything of a family from morning to night. She is never tired of giving love and care to her child.

mother images loveWe must not forget that mother is the sunshine of our life. Without her, we cannot see the beauty of the world. We just need to spend quality time with our mother, share our feelings with her, share our ups and downs of life with her and try to keep her smiling.

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Our life is very unpredictable. We need to spend more times with our mother, let her know how much we love her.

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