Pongal 2019

Pongal is an very old traditional festival in Tamil Naru in South India. It is a four day long festival. It is actually harvest festival of South India. Every South Indian People love to celebrate this pongal festival. Every year peoples of South India waiting for this festival. Pongal festival is one of the most celebrated festival in India. Pongal festival like a thanks giving festival. Pongal festival celebrate for year’s harvest. This festival celebrate actually hindu religious person in south India. Every  year mid January pongal festival happened. The date of Pongal 2019 will be held in January 15 ( Tuesday) and ends in January 18 ( Friday). Pongal is a tamil language the meaning of the pongol is “to boil”.  Some of the north Indian people know about this festival cause this pongal festival is very famous  in south India especially in Tamil Nadu and near cities in Tamil Naru.

Pongal 2019

Pongal is very famous festival in south India. Pongal Festival day is also a public holiday in south India. So you can imagine that how much famous this festival in south India. We know  pongal is four day long festival so we try to give you some  information about those days.

The Bhogi Festival ( Day 1)

The first day of pongal festival also called by Bhogi festival. In Bhogi festival people are give honor hindu God Indra Hindu religious people believe that Indra is God of rain. So without rain no crops can grow so people give their thanks first to lord Indra.  during  this festival day which useless items of the household are mixed into a flare habitually made of cow dung cakes and lumber.

Thai Pongal (Day 2)

The second day of pongal festival is called by Thai Pongal. Special ritual perform in thai Pongal, rice and milk are boiled together in special pot where some plant is tied and then this special dish offering to the God of sun. With this dish some fruits like banana coconuts, sugercanes and many more are also offering To Sun God. This Festivals another special occasion is named kolam. Where people design there house with hand drawing using lime powder. This traditional drawing must be done early in the morning. Day 2 in pongal festival people really enjoy it. Every people try to make this festival 100 percent perfectly.

Mattu Pongal (Day 3)

The third day of Pongal festival called Mattu Pongal. This festival third day celebrated for the name of cow. They believe cow give them many think. But in hindu Religion they believe that Lord Shiva once sent his bull named Basava to earth to tell people that they have to do oil message and take bath daily, and eat only once in month. But Basava made a mistake and tell people that eat daily and oil message once in a month then lord Shiva get angry to this cow and cursing him that he would stay in earth forever and help people in field to grow many foods.

Kaanum Pongal (Day 4)

This is the last day of the pongal festival. The fourth and last day of pongal festival called Kaanum Pongal. On this day a ritual is performed and that ritual is the last ritual in the pongal festival. People enjoy this festival very much. Actually last days ritual for women every women carry out this ritual for the name of their brothers asking  for their prosperity. I hope you like your article. We try to provide you every information about this Pongal festival if you think we miss anything in our article then please comment below let us know our  weakness. In our website www.indiaisbest.co m we always try to give you interesting information about our beloved country India. So if you are a Indian please  share our website to your friends and give us a chance to give you more information about our beloved country India. In This article Pongal 2019 we try to give you exact date of the festival and try to give you short info about this festival why pongal happened. Where pongal happened, History of pongal, etc. Hope you like our article then please give us a comments and if you want to share this info to your friends then share it to your social media accounts. Thank you all. Jai Hind

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